Sanja Jojic a.k.a. S.J. Charms on the Cover and in Interview of Bimbomb - Deluxe Bimbo Magazine Issue #1Sj Charms on Deluxe Bimbo Bitches - exclusive Interview on BimBomb with special Coverage!

SJ Charms – SexClusive Interview Part #1 and Part #2 (Pages 1 – 4) of BIMBOMB Magazine Issue #01 (May 2015). Many Thanx & Kisses to the great @sjcharms!

To view the images in High Quality and read the interview, please click on the following Links:

» Interview Part #1 (Pages 1 and 2 incl. Front Cover)
» Interview Part #2 (Pages 3 and4)

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En-Joy and please spread our Name! 😉

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